Wednesday, April 18, 2007

mister louie's dc bill

well, louie gohmert wants to forcibly retrocede dc back into maryland. here's a map of what he proposes:

the pink area is what would become the federal city. why would they get that huge swath of the potomac like that?


Anonymous said...

Congress can push around DC, but not MD. So why would Louie do this? To distract us from the fact that the DC Vote bill hits House floor tomorrow, Thursday April 19th.

Call and email friends and relations outside DC and have them contact their reps to support HR 1433. Get Eleanor the vote!

Richard Layman said...

Actually I want to take back Alexandria and Arlington

IMGoph said...

amen, richard. i think we'd have an even stronger case for statehood with our own airport!

Sean Hennessey said...

would that include generous georges positive pizza and pasta.? cuz if we had that, there'd be no stoping us.

If National Airport was in DC, how fast do you think the name would change?