Thursday, October 4, 2007

shaw library (lack of) progress update

please, please, please, DCPL, prove me wrong. get the temporary library in shaw opened soon. i've been telling people it'll never happen, and these pictures don't make me feel that no one is paying attention to the doublewide that you've parked in the shaw junior high rec. area...

the sign has been falling down a little at a time for days now, and it's just hanging there, waiting to blow away with the next strong wind. at least, previously, people could tell this was supposed to be a library, now it just looks like a construction trailer.

can you see the white line in the middle of this picture? (the one running behind the "CLOSED" sign.) those are fluorescent lights on in the "library". i couldn't hear any generators, so it looks like the electricity is hooked up. so what's the hold up? when are we going to get our library?

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