Sunday, June 15, 2008

way to go, wasa and ddot

yeah, there's a healthy dose of sarcasm in that headline. what's that you say, you couldn't tell by just reading it? well, you can thank the internet (and my inability to write very well) for failing to transmit those emotions very well. regardless, check out these photos:

these were all taken today at the corner of 7th, r, and rhode island, nw. the puddle in the fourth picture has been there for a month now. the first day i saw it, i thought it was a remnant of the torrential rains we've had over the past few weeks. when lake shaw took up permanent residence, i knew it was most likely because of a leaky main under the road. the corner has been torn up for a while whilst work has been done to fix those pipes under the intersection.

yesterday, the city repaved everything that had been torn up. guess that means everything is fixed, right?


there is still water bubbling up through the pavement. anyone from WASA or DDOT care to comment? i don't think you guys accomplished what you had set out to do.


Andrew W said...

did you try calling 727-1000? I did that for a clogged up storm drain in Columbia Heights, they fixed it pretty quickly.

IMGoph said...

andrew: i haven't called the mayor's hotline since this was an active construction zone for a long time. if it's still leaking over the next day, then i most certainly will file a complaint about it though.

Anonymous said...

My understanding from WASA is that the puddle is due to some type of valve which is activated when a METRO train passes under the spot, causing water to be forced out into the street. OffSeventh has a picture of this happening. WASA and METRO are working to resolve the issue.
Mark Bjorge

IMGoph said...

brian posted about this over at offseventh, as mark said above. i'll still be surprised if this actually gets 100% fixed.

there is now water coming up at the corner of marion, r, and rhode island just up the street as well...