Tuesday, March 17, 2009

update on the road that doesn't exist

a couple weeks ago, i posted about hoover road, a short street in the woodridge neighborhood that appeared to not be in the district's emergency dispatcher database.

a couple comments on that post led to a few emails between myself and district employees that were able to verify that the road does in fact exist in the city's GIS database. here's the direct quote i got from a city employee:

The CAD map contains the 3400 block of Hoover Rd NE. The DCGIS map has this block listed as the 3300 block. I extended the range of the CAD map to cover the 3300 block as well as the 3400 block. With that said, we can dispatch to a location without the street number. I couldn’t speculate as to what occurred in the linked blog.
so, it looks to me like things have been at least synched up here, so the correct block is listed in both places. the fact that the dispatcher couldn't find the street most likely means that dispatcher simply didn't know what she was doing.

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