Wednesday, April 22, 2009

sidewalk closure guidelines

i've created a couple posts recently regarding the start of the construction of the new watha t. daniel library at the corner of 7th and rhode island avenues in shaw.

my interest in this location, which clearly falls outside of bloomingdale, is two-fold. the first is simply because i pass it every morning and evening while commuting to work. the second is because this is the closest library to much of bloomingdale for the present.

i emailed archie williams, from the DCPL office and councilmember jack evans to express concerns about continued pedestrian access to the G8 bus stop at this location during construction. the initial layout of the construction barricades have been adjusted to make things MUCH better for both pedestrians and cyclists on this stretch.

in addition, i learned all you'd ever want to know about the actual guidelines that ddot has in place to ensure that pedestrian access to the sidewalk is maintained during a construction project.

here are those guidelines, courtesy of the councilmember. enjoy!

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