Monday, July 20, 2009

update on the beautiful house at 4th and florida

dc metrocentric brings word that the amazing home on the northwest corner of 4th and florida nw is under contract (not sold yet, though). sure hope this building can be brought back to its the glory of its heyday. they didn't have a photograph of the fencing that has gone up around the building, but i captured it in a couple shots last friday. here they are:


andy said...

I think the difficulty with the beautiful but dilapidated buildings there is that Florida Ave. has so much traffic. It makes these homes and buildings feel a lot less residential in nature. Similar issue on Rhode Island Ave. and N. Capitol in places.

Sean Hennessey said...

that building has had so many starts and stops its crazy.

for some reason i always envision a gigantic lit up steel arch from that roof, across fourth, to the roof of the funeral home.
it'd be so rockin.
ha, at least to me anyway.. see "boxer girl" ; )

andy said...

uh-huh. And I'm imagining that Frazier's would be transformed into the NW outpost of Rock'n'Roll Hotel.