Wednesday, April 18, 2007

mister louie's dc bill

well, louie gohmert wants to forcibly retrocede dc back into maryland. here's a map of what he proposes:

the pink area is what would become the federal city. why would they get that huge swath of the potomac like that?

Friday, April 13, 2007

logan circle restriping

(this is where having a working camera would really help. i think i'm going to finally do something about that this weekend...)

anyway, people often complain about the traffic markings in and around logan circle. i'll admit it can be confusing if you're a resident, and people coming through for the first time can just be completely lost. but, biking through yesterday afternoon and this morning, i noticed that they're getting ready to restripe things.

at the point there southbound 13th street traffic exits the circle, it looks like they're going to realign the lanes and get rid of the parking that exists there between the circle and o street. i'm sure the people around there are not going to be happy, even though that's only 2 spots.