Friday, February 9, 2007

rock and roll hotel

went to the rock and roll hotel up on h street ne last night for a show (ours). it was the first time i'd been to the place, and it was really nice. i'd really recommend checking it out. there is a bar downstairs near the stage, but it doesn't open until there is an act on stage. the nice space is upstairs, where there is a larger bar, as well as couches, a pool table, and individual lounge rooms. guitars with wings hang from the ceiling, and a few mannequins with interesting head (read: animal skulls) hang above the bar. everyone there was really friendly (struck up a conversation about computers and photography with the barkeep), and the greatest smoke. first show i've gone to since the smoking ban went into effect. it was amazing to come home and just hang my sweater back up in the closet and not need to take it straight to the cleaners... :)

UPDATE: i see that dcist has a review of the show up here. looks like the reviewer was of a split mind on the show.

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