Thursday, February 1, 2007

number 1 in tha hood, g

boy oh boy, you talk about a bunch of people getting their knickers in a bunch over absolutely nothing. if you're savvy enough to be on the internet, you've probably heard about the advertising kerfuffle up in boston. the mayor, the governor, and just about anyone else in a position of authority is CERTAIN that everyone involved in this should be arrested, tried, and sentenced to a lifetime in prison for domestic terrorism, or maybe something worse.

well, i could rant on for hours about how absolutely stupid, inane, idiotic, and just plain dumb this whole thing is, but here's my basic point: click on that link above and look at the picture. it's a MAGNETIC LITE-BRITE people! seriously, it looks like a kid's toy. how many "terrorists" are going to make a bomb, or series of bombs, that are so damn visible and in-your-face obvious? the authorities overreacted here, plain and simple. all the people who are gnashing their teeth and saying, "how can you do something like this given the days we live in" or some other stupid meme are just asking to be ridiculed.

as far as advertising campaigns go, this one ought to go into the record books. could adult swim have possibly gotten this much attention for the show and its upcoming movie via regular channels? i'd argue HELL NO. kudos to the press for hyping up a non-event. you can file this away with everything related to jon-benet ramsey, runaway brides, and shark attacks that the press has ever covered.

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