Monday, January 29, 2007

sufjan, protests, and donuts

well, i got up early, and my girlfriend, roommate, and i went down to the kennedy center to get sufjan stevens tickets on saturday. not early enough, as dcist points out, though i do protest the 'hipster' epithet applied to everyone there. there were a lot of older folks, little kids, and just regular old fans of free concerts there, interspersed with the 1000s of hipsters...

the only good thing to come out of it all was introducing said roommate and girlfriend to fractured prune donuts. we stopped off quickly at their dupont circle location beforehand to grab something to eat and drink in line, and they were both quite impressed with the quality of the donuts. the roommate was particularly impressed with their apparent ability to quickly destroy a hangover.

after all that, my girlfriend headed off to work and my roommate and i went down to the mall to check out the protest. some clever signs, some uninspriring anarchists, and just a general feel of calmness in the face of the craziness that is our nation's current political situation. we did get called to the mat by a 10-year old as we left the mall. he called out, "i support our troops". i think he was impugning that we don't. little wanker...i should have offered to engage him in debate, but something tells me that wouldn't have gone too far.

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