Tuesday, January 16, 2007

empty lot at 440 rhode island ave nw

i bike/walk past this empty lot every morning on my way to work, and it's been surrounded by a chain link fence for as long as i can remember. there is a sign up now advertising a sale of the property, but also the potential of a condominium to be built there. it's a little confusing, but there is a phone number to call, which i called this morning. i wasn't looking for information on the property though, i just wanted to see if the property owner(s) could move the chain link fence off of the sidewalk, which is getting narrowed as the fence encroaches upon it.

the woman i spoke with on the phone promised me she would contact the right people on her end to look into things, but she said those fences are common at construction sites. i'll be interested to hear what kind of a response i'll get back from them (i was promised a return call this afternoon). as there's been no active construction there that i've ever seen, the explanation that the fence is a common construction feature is a little dubious. i'll update this posting later if i hear more.

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Mari said...

There was supposed to be a condo put up there but as you may know the condo market softened like a stick of butter left out on a hot summer's day. The builders of the condos going up now will be lucky to get those units sold.