Sunday, January 21, 2007

it's beautiful outside...

...and i have no camera. first snow of the year, and i'd love to take some pictures, but my camera is dead. you see, when i was down in georgia for christmas/new years, i took my camera out in my kayak on my last day there. unfortunately, when my brother and i were pulling the kayak out, i managed to stupidly forget that the camera and my cellphone were in the breast pocket of my life-jacket. both fell out into the water! i was able to get them out pretty quickly, and we got them home and dried both out, but the phone was dead and the camera just turned on and off, but did nothing else.

i got a new battery for the cellphone, and it works fine now, but the camera is still kaput. so here i am with no way to record today for posterity. ho hum.

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