Saturday, March 22, 2008

BREAKING NEWS: big crash in bloomingdale

at the corner of 1st and S. more details soon.

UPDATE: well, the best information that i can gather is that a chase that began in mt. rainier (just across the district line) came all the way down rhode island avenue. the kids in the burgundy car turned south on north capitol, then took a right onto S street. they ran into the black SUV on the corner of 1st and S, smacked into the damaged tree you can see in the pictures above, and came to rest at the end of the line of cars parked on the northwest corner of 1st and S. at least three parked cars were damaged.

the woman who was in the SUV was badly shaken, but apparently walked away of her own volition. the jaws of life had to be used to cut out the person who was in the front passenger seat of the chased car. the driver of that car was knocked into the back seat from the impact. those two and one other young male were taken away in ambulances to the hospital.

i heard this all from talking to 5 or 6 neighbors who were standing on the corner, so it's not an official account of what happened. everyone seemed to agree on the big parts of the story, though.

on a personal note, my car was 3 down from the corner. too close for comfort.


Anonymous said...

I hope the tree wasn't damaged.

Sean Hennessey said...

so the chase was like 35 blocks?


None said...
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Anonymous said...

Oh man. I'm glad we're out of town for the Easter holiday. Not sure if it's good or not to be able to see a big car crash on my block when we're not home.