Wednesday, December 3, 2008

even more blogroll fun!

i have a couple more blogs to add to the blogroll (i've been on a real "read as much about the city as i can" kick lately):


  • borderstan—the name may be debated, but the content isn't. a consistently updated blog covering the area between logan and dupont circles.
  • off seventh—one of the best shaw blogs has been back for a while, and it's time it was back on the blogroll.
  • river east idealist—another east of the river blog (one that actually would like to rebrand "east of the river" as "river east"). good to see more activity from an underblogged part of the city.
(sorry i didn't add your blog to the list, hillrat, but i felt yours was less dc news, and more a personal blog. you can argue this one with me as you'd like!)

there are many, many other DC blogs on my radar, and i post these updates mostly to give these blogs a shout out, not to just announce what's on the blogroll. i'll talk about more of them very soon.


Matty said...

I hope you mean that we consistently update our content at! Thanks for the plug. -- mattyillini

IMGoph said...

ah! you found a typo. i've fixed it now. hopefully it reads better.

Matty said...

Not yet!