Thursday, December 11, 2008

fixing the intersection of florida and r

i want to draw attention to this post over at sean's bloomingdale blog.

the intersection of florida avenue and r street, nw, on the southern edge of bloomingdale, is dangerous. period. for pedestrians, cyclists, and even drivers of automobiles on r street, you often take your life in your hands when trying to cross florida.

traffic on florida avenue is not required to stop, and the lights one block in either direction are timed in such a way that there is nearly always cross traffic on florida at this point. if you are driving westbound on r street, your best bet is to pull into the middle of the intersection when westbound florida avenue traffic clears and hope that traffic on eastbound florida will stop and let you proceed. that's an iffy proposition.

those trying to cross by bicycle or foot might as well prepare for a lifesize version of frogger.

apparently, the city is aware of the shortcomings at this intersection, and are looking into doing something about it. what that is isn't clear, but you can email mike goodno of ddot and let him know you share concerns about safety at florida and r.

his email address is how about sending him a friendly email letting him know you'd be happy to throw your support behind making this dangerous intersection a safer place for all of us.

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Anonymous said...

I actually like this intersection. Attempting the crosswalk is dangerous in a way that brings thrill to my otherwise quotidien life.