Wednesday, May 13, 2009

pictures from the northeast corner of 1st and seaton

courtesy of lana labermeier, proprietor of big bear cafe here in bloomingdale, we have some photos of the interior of the commercial space at 1821 first street nw (the northeast corner of 1st street and seaton place in downtown bloomingdale—the link will take you to the listing on

there has been a lot of speculation regarding what could happen with this space. i've heard various stories of local residents or groups of residents wanting to put in a pizza place (which seems to be the standard bloomingdale rumor!), a deli, a bar (another go-to rumor until we finally get a bar), or even a taqueria. of course, someone's going to have to buy the place first, and do some substantial rehabbing before anything happens there.

now, in addition to the interior photographs, i promised exterior shots yesterday, and here they are, courtesy of my roommate nolan:

here's hoping something moves in that can utilize that great, wide space that's screaming for cafe seating on seaton place!


JohnDC said...

I only hope it won't become another 'mart'. How many places does one need to get a bag of chips & soda.

I was disappointed when the property adjacent to the firehouse reopened as a market and that one on 1st that opened up it seemed overnight.

Don't get me wrong, I do see the need for these establishments. Just not one every 50 feet.

Unknown said...

So they are looking to sell this thing for $250k so that person can then turn around and rebuild that shell or tear it down and build something new there? In this economy? For reals?

Based on that I don't see anything happening to that property for a while.

Are people really chomping at the bit to put over a quarter million into a property? What business would they be going in to where they could make even half that money back in a lifetime?

(besides tearing it down and turning it into condos)

Anonymous said...

If ten of us got together and put $50K each in, bought and rehabbed the space and ran it as a neighborhood coop restaurant (aka Moosewood in Ithaca) we could have a nice little joint up and running pretty quick. And no outside financing required (since none is available).

- JM

JohnDC said...

I don't think 250k is a lot to ask for this property especially with what's being asked for the firehouse.

Pat said...

My roommates and I are crossing our fingers for a bar. 250k doesn't seem that unreasonable, especially with all the other stuff now in Bloomingdale. Any entrepreneur would be smart to get in on this neighborhood while it's still relatively cheap.

Anonymous said...

keep your fingers crossed! Negotiations are up and running for a tavern in Bloomingdale (not this space). Hoping negotiations will move fast. Cant wait to be there!!:)

living in oppressive ANC(DC) said...

we need a real good coffee house--one that sells reasonably priced coffee, is a cool hangout and sells snacks and sundry items too.