Friday, May 1, 2009

safeway upgrades skipping over the edgewood store?

from the eckington listserv on thursday, the story is that the edgewood store, located in the rhode island avenue center at 514 rhode island avenue, NE, is being skipped over for updates that other stores, like the one on 17th street in dupont and the social safeway in georgetown have received or are slated to receive in the near future. here's the message:

Good Afternoon Everyone,

Safeway Rhode Island Avenue NE, Store # 0271, Div.# 35 needs our support in a major way. Out of the 17 Safeway's in the District of Columbia, somehow we have been passed up once again for renovation. As the community came together with CM Harry Thomas, Jr & Mayor Fenty this month which was beautiful! We need the same for our community grocery store. Safeway Corp. requires written feedback via comment cards, letters and/or on-line responses. Safeway comment cards are available at the customer service desk & Please lets come together for another great cause, OURSELVES!

Robert Boyer

Please forward all written feedback to:

Eastern Division President
Safeway, Inc.
C/O Customer Service Center
2750 S. Priest Drive
Tempe, AZ 85282-9969
i'm not sure how true this is (i haven't taken the time to write and find out from safeway corporate), but it's true that the store could use a bit of an update. it's not a bad safeway (i have gone there for groceries many times), but it just can't stack up to the new one in the mount vernon triangle these days.

go ahead and let safeway know that all parts of the city deserve great stores, not just the northwest part of the city.


Anonymous said...

This Safeway smells like homeless monkey feces...

And the checkout lines are horribly slow. Someone should give this place an enema. It might increase the checkout speed.

Anthony said...

This store is actually the one where I prefer to shop. Contrary to what the previous poster wrote, the lines are not long and the store does not smell. The cashiers are friendly and quick and the store is always well-stocked, unlike the Giant down the road.

Anonymous said...

The Giant and the Safeway in this area suck; I hate to break that to you. You can't walk to either without crossing a sea of tar and chicken bones. And neither is pedestrian oriented. This Safeway (and the center) should be torn down and rebuilt as a denser development. And the Safeway can go the way of NWL. I would much rather have a Harris Teeter or a Shoppers.

bamoll said...

I agree with Anon 9:18 - while I appreciate having retail options near the RI Metro, the two main shopping centers on either side of the tracks look as though they were designed for suburban Maryland. The District should rezone those sites to higher densities, which will eventually create a more walkable environment that fits into the context of the neighborhood.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why they build a suburban style shopping center this close to rail station. It seems counter intuitive.

Anonymous said...

that is nothing compared to the one in SW. at least be thankful for that.

Richard Layman said...

This shopping center is likely to be demolished within the next 5-10 years (the time frame depends on the real estate market and the termination clauses in the leases), which is probably why Safeway wouldn't want to put too much money into upgrades, given the time period necessary for payback. I expect that they want to remain in the location, in whatever new development comes to the site.