Sunday, January 14, 2007

why the name?

alright, i'm back from georgia, and i spent most of the last week catching back up on things, and this blog was at the bottom of my priority list. suffice it to say, i'll be spending a little bit more time with it know that i can. anyway, the blog title...i thought i should explain it. bloomingdale is the DC neighborhood that i live in. it's mainly located in northwest DC, and generally is considered to center on first street nw.

now, getting anyone to agree on what exactly the precise limits of bloomingdale-proper are seems to be difficult. from what i can tell, the most common 'definition' of bloomingdale is that the southern end is florida avenue, the northern end is michigan avenue, north capitol street marks the eastern edge, and 2nd street is the western edge. of course, i've seen some places that say the houses along the short streets between bryant and girard on the east side of north capitol street are part of bloomingdale as well.

the southern half of bloomingdale is often cannibalized by eckington, and the northern half gets eaten up by ledroit park on most maps. bloomingdale is kind of a red-headed stepchild, then, at least when you're trying to talk DC neighborhoods with people.

so, if anyone wants to give me the definitive definition of what makes bloomingdale 'bloomingdale', i'd be happy to hear it!

now, the (for now) part of the title is simple. i'm renting here. now, i really like the neighborhood, but i don't know how long i'll be around here. my goal for this year is to buy a house in DC, and there are a lot of neighborhoods out there, so who knows where i'll end up. when the time comes, maybe the blog's name will change...


Anonymous said...

I suggest you contact Romaine Thomas and other community elders who get no respect but have all the answers.

IMGoph said...

alright, i'm professing my ignorance here. who is Romaine Thomas, and how can i get in touch?

Anonymous said...

She is a former DCPS school princ., current member of HPRB, wife of Ward 5 Council Member Harry Thomas Sr and mother of your current Ward 5 Council Member Tommy Thomas.

Hope this helps.

IMGoph said...

thanks, betty. i will try to get in touch with her.