Tuesday, October 9, 2007

interesting new feature on DC property maps

head over to the DC Citizen Atlas Real Property webpage, and you'll see a new feature (at least, it'll be new if you haven't looked things up on the page before). when you type in an address, and get to the map page that looks like the image to the right, you'll see that this guide now lets you differentiate between private, federal, DC, and tax exempt properties at a glance. this color-coding system is new, as the webpage used to just include the same color dot for all properties.

now you can see if that abandoned house on your block is owned by the district, or by some organization that doesn't have to pay taxes, so they might not care if it just sits there as a blight on your neighborhood.


Anonymous said...

That is extremely interesting. So why would a normal row-house have 'brown' (i.e. tax-exempt) status?

Just a comment that the data are not as up-to-date as the usual Real Property searches with respect to some items.

Anonymous said...

This is very cool, although the house i've owned for 7-8 months is still listed as the old owner. So you never really know.

CitySlurp said...

yup same here, been here 7 months and still says the old owner.