Sunday, January 13, 2008

whoever makes the washington globe lights is getting rich

wow, the washington globe light, which is pretty much ubiquitous in DC, has really been put to use in the reconstruction of the underpasses under the railroad tracks north of union station and south of florida avenue. check out some of these pictures:

here are a whole bunch of the washington globe lampposts on K street. they just fit in with an inch to spare here.

here they are turned on in the L street underpass. again, you can see just how tightly they fit in. it's also interesting to note how the new lampposts are being put in the middle of the travel lane here, so i assume that this is going to change from a 4-lane to a 2-lane underpass, with more room for pedestrians and bikers (if so, YAY!)

here are the steps that bikers will have to use to access the metropolitan branch trail. hopefully these will be a temporary thing until a real ramp can be built here, but it's not certain that these won't be permanent, we were told at the met branch trail meeting on thursday evening.

to wrap things up, check out all of the brand new washington globe lampposts on L street heading east towards 1st street and north capitol. there are tons of them, and some in the street again. more room for non-motorized traffic, the better, says i.

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Anonymous said...

There are a bunch of files in the Archives just on street lighting in the Fine Arts Commission record group