Tuesday, February 12, 2008

it's not t.c.'s fault!

the comic at the right (click on it to actually be able to read it), which was in the washington post on january 13, mentions truxton circle as part of the history of thomas truxton. it's a really REALLY brief discussion of the old circle (now gone) at the corner of florida, north capitol, q, and lincoln. it's so short, that its brevity really gives the circle short shrift.

the comic actually says that because it "was constantly tied up with traffic jams and accidents", it was removed. look at the comic. if people were driving the wrong way, i hardly think we can blame that on the poor, innocent circle, can we?

if you want my guess, i would say it was crazy maryland drivers that killed truxton circle. you just can't trust marylanders...they might try to kill logan or sheridan circle next!


Anonymous said...


(I'm strongly agreeing with you.)

Anonymous said...

double word to ya mothah!!

(i'm doubly strongly agreeing with you!)