Saturday, July 26, 2008

metropolitan branch trail news

good news! progress on the metropolitan branch trail! here's a newsflash from heather deutsch, the person at ddot in charge of coordinating the progress on the trail:

Contract Signed!! Design/Build for the New York Ave. to Franklin Street segment: On Tuesday, July 22nd the contract was signed to begin the Design/Build for the trail segment from New York Ave. to Franklin Street. The contractor will have 12 months to design and build this segment which will include 5 neighborhood connections and will create direct access to the New York Ave. Metro Station.

Artist Selected! Met Branch Trail Artistic Identity:
On July 21st a local DC artist was selected to create an artistic identity for the trail including signage and amenities. This project was sponsored by DC Arts and Humanities.

* Volunteer: we will be hosting community meetings and asking for your thoughts so stay posted!

Design Begun! Rhode Island Ave. Ped/Bike Metro Bridge: We have begun to design the pedestrian and bicycle bridge that will connect the Met Branch Trail to the Rhode Island Ave. station. Preliminary engineering drawings have been completed and bridge plans will be available for the public soon.


Tom A. said...

Umm yeah. Wake me when they actually build a bike path.

IMGoph said...

after talking to ms. deutsch, tom, i would say that things appear to be in good hands. stuff is moving forward, at a better clip than it was in the recent past.

i bet this takes more than a year, but it will get done, finally.

Anonymous said...

Unrelatedly (though I do care about the post), I'm now internet stalking you on Twitter. Just figured it would be polite to give you notice.

Anonymous said...

Riding a bicycle in the street while observing all applicable laws is a viable alternative to waiting for this bike path.

Anonymous said...

I've been waiting for this path for three long years. I'll believe it when I see it.