Tuesday, September 23, 2008

yoga on 1st street

i know this was mentioned by sean a month and a half ago, but i thought i should mention it here as well. (since i was out of the country for a while, i'm just now catching up on some old blog posts here and there...)

with baraki and yoga district moving into our little commercial strip, the amount of foot traffic on the street will greatly increase, and other business owners might be tempted to take another look at the other vacant places in downtown bloomingdale, and start to invest.


the littlebear project said...

do you know the address of the studio?

IMGoph said...

sorry, i should have made that clearer. if you follow the yoga district link in this blurb, it's at 1830 1st street (the purple building).

Amy said...

Any word on Barkaki liquor hearing today? I think it was at 10am this morning?