Thursday, October 30, 2008

bad economy?!? what bad economy???

downtown bloomingdale is booming! yoga district has a sign up now (it's just a temp. looking one, hopefully a more permanent one is coming soon). but what's that next door?!? another commercial space is getting fixed up? are we really in the middle of an economic downturn, 'cause it doesn't feel that way 'round here!

i talked with the gentleman doing the painting here at 1832 1st street (which is getting a color scheme similar to yoga district—purple, green, and yellow), and he said he doesn't know what's going in here, but whatever it is will be opening in two weeks or so. i'll update you all when i find out more.


Sean Hennessey said...


hipchickindc said...

Downtown Bloomingdale! Hee! I am disproportionately giddy about this. We have a yoga studio!

bamoll said...

I would love it if they fixed up the facade of that building a little more than just paint - added a window or two or a more traditional storefront or something. That said, anything (well, most anything) is better than nothing, and it will be great to see another business open on that block. Now, if only we could get another restaurant or bar to open on the corner of 1st and Seaton. That space has the potential to be very cool.

IMGoph said...

bamoll: i hear you on the fa├žade and windows. if they would only open it up a bit like they did with yoga district next door.

maybe in a future fix-up.