Tuesday, November 4, 2008

1823 1st street nw—bloomingdale's public restroom

check the guy in the light blue shirt. he's not checking for leaks in that building's windows. this isn't the first time that i've brought up the area in front of 1821 and 1823 1st street here in "downtown bloomingdale." it's a place where a lot of guys with nothing else to do hang out all day. the usual crew needs to heed nature's call once in a while, and it seems that most of the time, that entails walking around to the alley behind shearard's accounting to relieve themselves. sometimes, you just can't wait, so the stairwell at 1823 serves as a men's room.

going to the dc citizen atlas tells me that the owner of the property is l. g. mckinnie. anyone know how i can search for this person's contact info to see what they think about their property being reduced to a urinal?

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