Sunday, July 8, 2007

are you doing your part for your neighborhood? (a plea for action)

over at renew shaw at the beginning of the year, shawrez asked everyone to do things to help make our neighborhoods better places. some of those recommendations included volunteering at places in the neighborhood like the library (when it opens) and at the schools, and also cleaning things up when you can. i try to take the time to pick up garbage when i'm walking around the neighborhood (except when i'm on the unit block of t street, that block is beyond my help right now). i know it doesn't seem possible right now, but it would really help things if everyone would just clean up their treeboxes every day when they walk by.

some people are always going to toss their garbage on the street, there's really nothing that can be done to change their attitude. we just have to do what we can to mitigate their lack of care for the neighborhood.

now, another thing you can do is fill out councilman thomas' survey for ward 5 residents about what we'd like to see changed and done in our neighborhoods. if i may recommend something, i'd like to lobby for everyone asking him to do what he can to push along the construction of the metropolitan branch trail.

i went biking this afternoon, and realized i could get up on the constructed portion of the trail where m street crosses under the tracks. it's a great view from up there, and really kind of peaceful right now. of course, if it was busy with bikers, that would be a great thing too! go check it out if you get a chance. you get a good view of the new ATF building and soon-to-open 2nd street from the trail. (just be wary right now, the north end of the constructed trail, under the new york avenue bridge, is a homeless camp right now, and i didn't want to bother them this afternoon, so i kept my distance).

let's all ask councilman thomas' office to keep the pressure on all the parties to get this trail completed. it'll be a great addition for the bloomingdale and eckington neighborhoods.

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