Thursday, July 26, 2007

help clean up shaw

chances are, if you live in bloomingdale, you probably go through shaw a lot, if not to it to shop for groceries, go to restaurants, etc. well, the neighborhood is starting a monthly neighborhood clean-up in august. here are the details.

sure, it's not our neighborhood, but i think it would be mighty neighborly if some of us helped them out. (we can always sell them on our farmers' market and fancy new cafes while we're there!) who knows, you might make some new friends too.


Anonymous said...

I'm in Shaw, and really appreciate your post!! We'd love to meet our fine bloomingdale neighbors -- and try out your cool new cafes, too!! Please come on over, we'd love to have ya!!

Anonymous said...

Please come out and join us Saturday. This is just the start of this and hopefully this idea can be duplicated in the bloomingdale area as well.

Hope to see you Saturday!