Sunday, August 12, 2007

back from a long hiatus

i'll post something more substantial soon, but i just had to give a quick note to say that i'm back. i was out of town on vacation and business since july 25th. some thoughts:

pikas are amazingly fun.

grand teton is a beautiful park. i need to hike in the backcountry more.

yellowstone is smelly in parts, but quite dramatic all over.

san diego is an interesting town...i need to spend more time there to get a good appreciation for it. balboa park looks amazing, it's a shame i could only spend a few minutes there.

it's good to be settling back in for a while. san diego was the first trip for my new job, hopefully one of many more to come. that picture above are my friends brody and hilary, who got married in idaho at the beginning of this long trip of mine.

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