Thursday, August 23, 2007

morning observations

in order from home to work:

1) there is someone who lives on the 200 block of rhode island avenue who picks up the garbage regularly: it's usually the cleanest block in the neighborhood. either they're on vacation or the rain from the last couple days has kept them off the street, because there was a lot of trash on the sidewalk this morning.

2) there is no left turn from inbound rhode island onto new jersey during morning rush, but i still see people do it every day. and without fail, they have maryland plates and are talking on a cellphone. how about posting an officer there one morning, MPD, and writing some tickets? it would be a great revenue booster for the city. ;)

3) there was a crew taking those stupid answer war-protest posters off of electrical boxes at 6th and rhode island this morning. lawsuit or not, the city is cleaning up after those children. way to go DPW!

4) i think the police were out on horseback between logan and thomas circles last night. how can i tell? there's horse manure all over the street. maybe it was a group of cowboys, i could be wrong...

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