Tuesday, July 24, 2007

rita's water ice coming to convention center?

i love rita's water ice. i bike up to the one on rhode island avenue in woodridge occasionally when it's a nice day. turns out they just opened their second location in the district up in columbia heights. that got me curious, so i went to their website, and a little poking around got me to their franchise page.

check this out: go to their franchise page and type 20001 into the zip code box. you can click on the gray marker on the map nearest to the convention center, and you'll see something similar to what's at the right here. it says there is a franchise sold for the "convention center (area)", whatever that means. maybe one is going in there, maybe it's going somewhere else on 9th street. looks like something for shaw rez to check out!


David Garber said...

hey there-

thanks for the support--please keep checking back and definitely engage with anacostia!


Andrew W said...

nice find! too bad i just moved from that hood.

Anonymous said...

what a fortunate find! this is great news for everyon in the hood, you sleuth, you!

Shaw Rez said...

thanks for the shoutout... I've been trying to follow-up on what you found, but haven't come up with anything really. The pinpointed spot for the "convention center area" store isn't really near the convention center at all.