Tuesday, January 8, 2008

construction on one block of 11th street

here are a few pictures i took this morning on 11th street between P and rhode island. there is a LOT of construction on 11th street, from mass ave. all the way up to florida ave. there's a lot to cover here, and it looks like the guys over at renew shaw have started to do just that. here's a sample of one block of 11th street's renewal:

this was a one-story shell (actually just a fa├žade, there was nothing behind it) that is being turned into what looks like four floors of condos.

here's an empty lot just north of the house on the northeast corner of 11th and P. i actually called when there was a for sale sign on the lot to see what they wanted for it, and it was north of $700K. guess it actually sold. i've seen the lot listed on the HPRB list recently. seems that the owners plan to build a four story building here as well.

while this isn't on the same block (it's south of P street) it catches your eye while standing on that block. four new row houses were built next to this larger condo building that's going up. it seems like all of the many empty lots that existed on 11th street that served as trash-strewn parking spots will be replaced with housing before the year is out. the increased density in the neighborhood should lead to some of the vacant and underutilized commercial space on the street getting fixed up soon too.


Shaw Rez said...

Great post!

I've been planning a whole 11th Street roundup--it really is impressive to see all of the things going on over there, as it continually catches my eye. The 1500 block is especially impressive. DDOT is soon to re-do the infrastructure, which will make a big impact on things. 11th Street really evidences the movement of widespread renewal towards the East, I think.

dcavocado said...

I'm very familiar with this block as I go down 11th street all the time. I'm assuming DDOT is going to repair the roads? I hope so because it's a bitch biking down 11th street. It's a very bumpy ride!

Shaw Rez said...

Yep--the roadwork is the main part of the plan, but I think additional infrastructure upgrades also coming to 11th.

Here's a link to a post I made a few months ago about one of the pictured projects in today's post: