Tuesday, January 29, 2008

geoge will. well.

i read all the op-eds in the wapo, just because i feel like i should be informed what the washington opinion makers are saying. not that it's necessarily enjoyable reading. david broder is boring, michael gerson is formulaic, and then there's george will.


that's a sentence in george will's world. he uses it in every other column.


is it a verb? is it a noun? the world may never know, with regards to mr. will. i hear he's a "well-respected" writer, but his nasty tic of using the word "well" as a stand-alone sentence, is, how do i say....well....stupid, annoying, self-aggrandizing, pompous, and overbearing. george will is one of the people who feels like his opinion really, really matters. and maybe it does. but it doesn't mean we have to like his annoyingly egotistical writing.


dc dawg said...

george will is one of those dudes who, at every stage of his adult life, has probably always looked like an old man.

flatland said...

I actually like George Will. However, whenever I read his columns, I can never get this SNL sketch out of my head:

George F. Will's Sports Machine