Saturday, June 30, 2007

good news, shaw, you're getting another liquor store

for those of you down in shaw who are keeping up on development issues in your part of the world, here's an interesting one for you. you've got a liquor store from up in glover park looking to transfer to the corner of 6th and rhode island. here's that property:

now i mentioned that corner a couple days ago here, and i noticed while biking past it today there are two placards up mentioning the proposed liquor license transfer. here are two close ups of one of those signs (this is the one you can see hanging above the fence in the picture above:

you can click here you can see where this license currently resides. i'm not familiar with the building, but it would appear to be a liquor store in a condo building in ward 3. i don't have the time to do the extra gumshoe work that's necessary to find out what the full story is here, but i figure those of you in ANC2C02 (kevin chappele's SMD) can take it from here.

the key date appears to be the hearing that will take place on august 29th.

UPDATE: note that, while this license is a class "A" license in glover park, the application lists this as a class "B" license for the location in shaw. can a license be changed like that without much difficulty?


Anonymous said...

The place says it will be open on Sunday, so it's not a liquor store.

IMGoph said...

yes, i noticed that now. looks like it was/is a class "A" license over in glover park, but it's applying to be a class "B" license in shaw. i'm going to make a change to the main article to reflect this.

Anonymous said...

yeah. i used to live near there. i even looked at buying a condo in the bldg.
it's a big building, with lots of older-people (retirees) that live there. i think it's a little wine store that sits by the lobby for the folks that live there.

Anonymous said...

Does class "B" license automatically equal a restaurant? Do we have any other sources besides the posted license as to what might be going in here?

Because if there is any chance this is another liquor store, we need to move to prevent their license from being transferred. Shaw has enough problems without another liquor store.

Anonymous said...

Bad news!

Retailer's License Class A:
(Liquor store) Retail sale of beer, wine, and spirits for off premises consumption.

ABC License Retailer's License Class B (Grocery/convenience store): Retail sale of beer and wine for off premises consumption.

ABC License Retailer's License Class C: Retail sale of beer, wine, and spirits for on premises consumption.


another shaw resident

Anonymous said...

those hours don't look like a restaurant, they do look like a crap corner store however

2nd st

Anonymous said...

it may not be a restaurant, but according to the license, it could be.

worst off, it's a convenience store that sells wine.

ummm... i think that's better than what there is now.

would you like a store that sells food and liquor, or that vacant lot?

good thing, they won't be selling singles.

don't be so jaded...

Anonymous said...

class c is restaurant. class b is like a "corner store".
trust me this is not a restaurant.

Anonymous said...

Maybe the churches could be of assistant with the protest? Oh I forgot they only protest restaurant abc licenses in Shaw. My bad.

Anonymous said...

That was never a condo, it used to be a lot that some fellows rented high end cars from. It is only a block from the liquor store @ 5th & R.I.Av.
Hell, R.I.Av @ 6th is already a speeders paradise. It will be interesting to see what goes there.

Anonymous said...

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