Wednesday, June 27, 2007

morning complaints, part 223

there were three things this morning (i swear, i don't usually complain THIS much, but the sludgy weather that i had to swim through to bike to work this morning doesn't put you in the best mood, you know?) that got my goat:

  • cops that don't follow traffic rules. there was a special operations division police cruiser that went through the red light at the corner of 6th and rhode island this morning and almost hit me. couldn't see the officer clearly because of the extremely dark tinting on the window, but i could make out the cellphone held up to his ear. don't get me wrong, i love having a strong police presence in the neighborhood. until you can demonstrate that we don't need the protection (it's going to be a while, i'm sure), they need to be there, but it would be nice if they followed the same rules we have to
  • overgrowth. on that same corner, there is a little parking lot that holds an abandoned semi-trailer and looks like it used to be a car rental place from the signage. they have so much brush growing out front that it's starting to block your ability to see around the corner, and it's eating up the sidewalk. there are a lot of others like this around the neighborhood, and it would be nice if the owners would do a better job maintaining their property. i'm not holding my breath.
  • the south exit from logan circle (13th street). drivers ALWAYS ignore the traffic signals there, and it's just a matter of time until one of the maryland commuters and taxi cabs there hit a pedestrian in their hurry to get downtown in the morning. the best part is how they get exasperated when you point out to them that they're driving through a red light and that you have the right of way. sorry to slow you down, richard petty, but driving to work in the morning is not the talladega 500.


Anonymous said...

"the south exit from logan circle (13th street)."

SO TRUE. I almost got clipped there last week, by a guy driving an SUV with VA tags. The guy gave me the finger, which was the best part. Oh, excuse ME for obeying traffic go get a job in your own state.

anon said...

I'm an occasional MD commuter, and I've always been amazed at how easily drivers (particularly cabbies) pull around me and enter the circle when I'm at a red light. I've never seen someone run a light so proudly. Why aren't there cameras there?