Monday, June 25, 2007

new real estate technology used here in the neighborhood

ok, so it's not REALLY in bloomingdale, but eckington [yes, jay, you steal our coffee shop, i steal your homes for sale...but i kid because i care :)], but there was a story on NPR last week about realtors using extremely short distance radio transmitters to broadcast information about a house that's for sale, like how you can get traffic information from short range radio stations on the freeways in some cities. my roommate's parents caught this one, so the shout goes out to them for alerting us to this story.


Anonymous said...

You can have our homes; just stay away from our Chinese/sub sandwich restaurants.

Big Bear has limited outdoor seating, but Yeung Fung and Full Yum have plenty of outdoor standing.

IMGoph said...

true true! but maybe we could get half yum?