Thursday, June 7, 2007

wherein i complain or comment on a bunch of stuff

ok, time for a bullet list of issues out there that i just feel like commenting on:

  • does anyone know what's going on with the old tena market on the southwest corner of 2nd and rhode island? they jackhammered out the curb that separated their "lawn" from the sidewalk, and there's been no progress for almost 2 weeks. the brick sidewalk is quickly falling apart. i hope they intend to get it done before the whole thing becomes a giant pothole.
  • people who don't trim back the weeds along the sidewalk bug me. i understand if you don't want to have a perfectly manicured area in front of your house. heck, the area in front of my apartment is a patch of dirt with weeds in it, but at least i pull the weeds when they get large. there is a house on rhode island between 8th and 9th that doesn't pull their weeds, though, and there are now these HUGE things growing out into the sidewalk, and since there's a treebox directly across, the sidewalk is now about a foot wide in that place. hey 808 rhode island, could you please maintain the place in front of your house a bit so those of us walking by aren't attacked by the plants growing out of your 'lawn'? thanks.
  • i was just reading this article in the post, and the guy who is part of the management team for bush construction (is it just me, or is everything related to that surname evil?) has this money quote:
    Yes, there are rats, but "there are issues with that all over D.C. All I know is, I'm glad I'm out here in Virginia."
    read that again. what an ass. basically, here's the translation:
    i'm glad i'm not poor like those suckers at temple courts. screw 'em though, 'cause i'm living it up out here in virginny! yeeeehaw!
    i hope the man gets the vermin infestation from hell in his house and he's forced to stay there. or better yet, clear out temple courts and make mr. viola stay there under solitary confinement for a week. maybe he'll think again about just being so tart about the living conditions of the poor in this city.
  • hey, they've painted the front of the empty storefront next door to dc mini mart. still no clue as to what's going in there.

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Unknown said...

I walked by the place next to the mini mart this week and the door was open, the inside was totally empty. A few weeks ago there was all kinds of random office furniture in there, so it would seem they are cleaning it up for someone.