Friday, June 29, 2007

der homeländ

"At this point, I have seen no specific, credible information suggesting that this incident is connected to a threat to the homeland,"
that's a quote from michael chertoff today. can't we just call this country what we always used to: the united states of america??? "the homeland" sounds WAY TOO MUCH LIKE DER VATERLAND. i'm going over into godwin's law territory here, i know, but it sounds so damn nazi-esque.

salute when you say it.


Richard Layman said...

Speaking of which, DC's Emergency Management Agency has been retitled Department of Homeland Security. Uhh, you can't get more "homeland" than DC. This is completely unnecessary.

IMGoph said...

ugh....that's terrible news. homeland for what? i suppose it's something that's going to be nearly impossible to excise from the (american) english language.