Thursday, June 7, 2007

windows cafe

i read in the daily bloomingdalian email this morning that windows cafe was robbed AGAIN yesterday. here's the email from the MPD:

I'm sending you this email to let you know what's been happening in Scout 5012's area. On today's [june 6] date at approximately, 10:02 AM the Windows Cafe / Store at 101 Rhode Island Avenue, N. W. was robbed. The suspect was armed with a silver colored hand gun. He is in his late 20's , 6 feet in height and approximately 185 pounds he was wearing a red hoody and blue jeans. He pointed the gun at the owner's head and threaten to kill her if she didn't give him money. There was a patron in the store that was also robbed. The suspect made the owner the patron and an employee get face down on the floor as he made his escape This establishment has been robbed by this suspect before. Please inform everyone in the area of this offense.

the bloomingdalian goes on to explain that the owner's wife was pistol-whipped.

windows is an important, visible, part of our community. it's probably the most visible bloomingdale business, especially to those who are visiting our neighborhood from the outside. needless to say, i'm furious. i'm not afraid to speculate, and i'll bet you anything that the scum who keep holding windows up are some of the same guys who hang around in front of my place, day in and day out, drinking, urinating, fighting, and asking for more money to buy more cheap malt liquor so they can start the process all over again. i hope the perps get caught, and i hope that when they do, we can let the judge know how important it is that the book get thrown at these human filth, and we get them out of our neighborhood for good. these trash shouldn't be allowed to keep this neighborhood from being the beautiful place that it is the vast majority of the time, and they shouldn't be allowed to ruin it for all the great people, young and old, newcomers and oldtimers, black and white, who live in bloomingdale.


Anonymous said...

hey... how do I get on this bloomingdalian email listserve?

an S-St neighbor!

IMGoph said...

send an email to scott (the owner of the listserv) at, and he should be able to handle things from there!