Monday, June 25, 2007

warehouse in bloomingdale?

if you're familiar with the warehouse theater, bar, performance space, and art gallery, you know that they are talking about the need to close down because of the huge increase in their property taxes. well now, today, dcist and the city paper have both announced that the warehouse will be closing down at least the cafe and music parts of the operation for now, with the theater and gallery staying at least partially open for a while into the near future.

what makes this relevant is that both say the owners are looking at bloomingdale as one of the possible neighborhoods to relocate into. i don't think the space at 1st and seaton could hold everything that they would want (not big enough), but what do you think about other potential spots in the neighborhood. what about the ec-12 space? could they team up with the group trying to bring that plan about?


Sean Hennessey said...

they've been looking into a lot of options in the neighborhood.

who knows, it may happen.

Anonymous said...

Way over in Eckington--across the street, that is--we've got some available properties as well.

Unknown said...

no need for the testiness, jay (LOL) we like our easterly neighbors!!!

IMGoph said...

yes, we definitely like our eastern neighbors! especially when one of them is my girlfriend. :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like our ANC commissioner is on top of it: Link.

"Come on odd-numbered North Capitol St NE address--Eckington wants a new pair of shoes."