Thursday, June 28, 2007

UPDATED (30 June) old tena market, 2nd and rhode island

there has been a burst of construction activity at what used to be the tena market at 2nd and rhode island, nw. new concrete curbing is being poured around the 'front yard' (which appears to be the same as the old curbing, so i'm wondering why they jackhammered it away in the first place. they've bricked in the door on the northwest corner of the building and appear to be gutting the interior. unfortunately, as i don't speak spanish, i wasn't able to ask the gentlemen doing the work if they know what's going in there. does anyone have any hints? drop them in the comments.

UPDATE: here are two pictures of the ongoing construction work. you can see that they've bricked in that door i mentioned, as well as the small transom-type windows that were above the main windows. the roof looks like it's sagging though, and i've got to think they might want to put some work into that to shore things up.


PalacePool said...

My old roommate was talking to the guy who bought the place a few months ago. he plans to make it a nice store with Coffee etc.

IMGoph said...'s hoping they're going to take out the glass block and replace that with some real windows. the place is too bunker-like right now.

IMGoph said...

crap, i just realized looking at my own pictures that the glass block is a new addition. guess that's going to be a long-term addition then. i don't like it, personally, but eh, not my building.