Tuesday, September 4, 2007

i'd hate to think what it would be like if giant wasn't on my side.

i had to stop in the shaw giant on the way home tonight, and it was about 6:30. you know the drill....12 checkout aisles in the store, and six were open. it's ALWAYS busy in there for a couple hours at the end of the workday, and there are never enough cashiers. you'd think the management would have figured that out by now, but i doubt they ever will.

i'm really looking forward to the new giant being built into the old O street market, but unless some new management is brought in, i fear it'll just be an example of a sow's ear being sewn into a silk handbag.

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communi_kate said...

but really, it isn't funny. it is really sad that the new Giant by the Home Depot can't get there act together. how hard is it to figure out the busiest times, and prepare for them?