Sunday, September 9, 2007

pictures from the 'haitian invasion'

here are some pictures (taken by my roommate) from the concert given by the haitian students today at the bloomingdale farmers market. click on each one for a larger image:
some bloomingdale neighbors lounging in the park before the concert begins.

people getting some bbq from the pit outside big bear.

here's the bbq pit.

and here's the operation that was set up to distribute the bbq. it was amazing, there were literally hundreds of sandwiches being handed out to anyone who came up and asked for one.

les petits chanteurs are getting ready to sing.

here's some of the crowd taking in the show.

another shot of the crowd watching the children sing.

and here are the children singing.

i don't have any pictures from the string ensemble that played afterwards. my friends and i hurried up at that point over to adams morgan to get a little bit of am day fun in as well. all in all, a great day for hanging out in the city!


Anonymous said...

Would love to see your photos in the Bloomingdale Pool on Flickr!

IMGoph said...

my roommate has joined the pool...all of his future stuff should be in there!