Saturday, February 9, 2008

ask the guys who hang out at 1st and seaton why they disrespect our neighborhood

quick note: i'm just heading out the door to the february shaw neighborhood clean up. this morning when i woke up, i looked out the window, and one of the guys who always is hanging around on this corner was just finishing eating and drinking something.

he looked left, looked right, and when he was sure no one was watching him, tossed his garbage on the ground. then, he got up, walked over to the street drain, and tossed his bottle in it, ensuring it a safe journey to the anacostia river.

the kicker is that there are two garbage cans on the corner (which this guy usually leans on to watch traffic and women go by), and he couldn't take the effort to actually throw the garbage in one of those cans.

this is why we can't keep the neighborhood clean. people like these guys just don't give a damn.


Golden Silence said...

I can't stand "Loitering Losers," and it sounds like they're "Littering Losers" to boot.

People like that aren't raised to respect their surroundings or to care about others. They don't have values or morals.

monkeyrotica said...

I think you underestimate how difficult and exhausting it can be to practice the fine art of loitering. He probably had to beg pretty hard to get that Happy Meal, and you want him to walk SEVERAL feet to throw the trash away? That's a long walk! He might fall down or something; it's dangerous! Just once, why can't you think of other people? Just take comfort in the statistical certainty that this guy will either be dead or in jail by the time he's 30.

IMGoph said...

well, monkey, i'm going to guess that he's probably in his late 50s-early're right though, i'm pretty selfish

Anonymous said...

i've got an idea: next time you see him committing a similar act, go over to him and demand that he pick it up.

let us know how it goes.

IMGoph said...

anon: i would have done it on saturday, but like i said, i had just got out of bed and was about to get in the shower. if i'm together to where i can go outside, i'll definitely confront the guy.

monkeyrotica said...

If the guy's pushing 60 and has no respect for himself or where he lives, I doubt chewing him out now will do much good. Have you considered throwing flaming toilet paper at him?

Anonymous said...

"i've got an idea: next time you see him committing a similar act, go over to him and demand that he pick it up.

let us know how it goes.

Translation of this author's intended message: "That elderly sedentary lifelong substance abuser has a right to trash the street and you don't have a right to speak up about it. Why? Because you don't belong here.

Report back when you finally figure that out."

Hey, I've seen the same kind of thing many times. It often involves chewing the meat off of animal bones, and then flinging the bones into the middle of the street. Welcome to the neighborhood.

MightyMe said...

I really, REALLY hate littering. I even hate when people don't secure their trash and allow it to blow all over the street and sidewalk. But, sadly, the mindset of people can get so bleak, that they don't care that they are literally trashing their own environment. It boggle my mind, but, to them, they don't even think it matters. So sad. I wish the city would be strict about enforcing litter laws, whatever they are.