Monday, February 11, 2008

update on operation: rename blog

well, checking out the poll from last week, eckington has a slight lead over brookland at this point, with h street being the only other one jumping out from the pack.

whoever voted for park view/pleasant plains, i have to say your neighborhood looks really tempting after this saturday. there were two houses on warder street that really caught my eye. eckington, of course, has a lot of potential, and i saw an interesting house in ledroit park that might fall in my price range, which was shocking. i thought everything there would be too expensive, and didn't include it in the poll.

still have a lot to check out, including some stuff in truxton circle and shaw (yeah, more places that didn't get listed in the poll). i'm finding more potential in the pricer neighborhoods that i thought i would, which really gives me hope.


Anonymous said...

I am the parkview voter. I live on Manor Place and am really a fan of the neighborhood. The houses are a bit smaller and better priced than petworth. The people are friendly and the neighborhood is quiet.

Anonymous said...

Stay closer to Florida. You'll walk a lot more. I live in Petworth now. And although I like it, I feel completely disconnected from the city. I spend more time in Maryland than anyplace. (This is generally fine, as we don't particularly like DC and are planning to leave anyway. Petworth was a nice step on the way out.) But if you like urbanity, like being able to walk to the corner store or to a museum or restaurants and bars? Stay closer to that stuff. Just my thinking here.

Anonymous said...

You really have to think about what type of lifestyle you want to have. I lived in Bloomingdale previously and thought it was a good blend of quiet and also being accessible to action. Now, I live in the U Street Corridor, and I'm right in the thick of things, and every thing is so convenient. As much as I like some homes in Brookland, Petworth, or even Takoma Park, I've come to be attached to in-your-face activity, convenience, and variety. I love where I live now.