Wednesday, February 6, 2008

new trees in bloomingdale

wow, it looks like the ufa is already out planting trees for this season. i figured early february was kind of early, but, given the way that the local climate is probably permanently screwed up, i suppose an earlier planting season isn't such a strange thing.

these trees are on the 100 block of seaton, near the corner with 2nd and rhode island nw.


Mari said...

Bastards put in a new tree but ripped out the mum I had been growing for years.... YEARS! As well as some thyme and peppermint and a struggling calendula. Came home to a new tree and the mum carcass strewn on the sidewalk.

IMGoph said...

sorry to hear about your herbs and flowers. were you growing them in an empty tree box?

Anonymous said...

I moved onto Randolph PL over the summer and have an empty tree box right out front that I haven't had a chance to plant yet.

Do they just plant in some tree boxes? Are we going to eventually get a tree? I was planning on planting one this spring but am curious as to why ours got skipped.