Tuesday, November 4, 2008

blogroll changes

i took a look at my blogroll, and decided it was time for some major changes. there were a few blogs there that are dead, and new ones that i've been following for a while now via RSS. so, just so you have a better idea about what i check to keep up on news here in DC, here are the changes to my blogroll.


  • free ride—the express newspaper has removed newsiness from its blog, and just sticks to info about "going out". not my thing, thanks.
  • new kid on the eckington block—guess eckington can't support that many blogs. this one has only posted once in 2008.
  • climbing the mount—looks like this blog died out about 3 months ago. hasn't been anything new from mt. pleasant since early august.



The Advoc8te said...

Thanks! CHOTR feels so honored! :)

Hill Rat said...

I think you should add me. :(

Hurt & Sad,

Hill Rat