Thursday, November 20, 2008

who the heck is urbanturf?

as a connoisseur of many, many local blogs, you sometimes notice that a lot of blogs are covering the same story.

that's ok. often, one blog approaches a story from a different angle than another, and you learn different things from different people. i feel like it really gives you a stronger understanding of local stories (which is one of the best things about hyper-local blogging in the first place).

so, i thought it was interesting that at least three of the citywide blogs here in dc all started pushing this relatively new blog called dc urbanturf by giving guest real estate (pun intended) on their blogs to this new "home buying guide."

dcist, dcmetrocentric, and now prince of petworth all have guest posts supplied by urbanturf on their sites. it would appear that whomever the folks are behind urbanturf (check here for some brief bios) are doing a really good job selling themselves to the heavy hitters in the dc blogosphere.


Anonymous said...

Geoff, your blog is basically the "go to" blog for Bloomingdale. You can and/or will be a heavy-hitter if you choose.

FourthandEye said...

They heavy hitter sites that you mention all try to publish multiple postings per day. That an ambitious goal and any source, especially a well written one, that can help you meet that goal lessens the burden.

I've actually found one Urban Turf article from October that The Triangle will write a response to. I'm just waiting for a very slow news day.

IMGoph said...

agent 99: not sure who you are, but thanks for the kind words!

Anonymous said...

IMGoph: Will here, from UrbanTurf. I liked your post, and thought I'd help clear up any mystery surrounding our site. We launched UrbanTurf in July and publish three to four feature-length articles about DC-area real estate each week.

We are three independent journalist-entrepreneurs working to offer DC a clear and unbiased voice for the local real estate market. We're not real estate agents and, outside of UrbanTurf, don't have any other affiliations in the real estate industry.

We feel very fortunate to have gotten a warm reception from the sites you've mentioned. It reaffirms to us that there is strong demand out there for information and updates about real estate in this city, especially in unusual times like the market we're in now.

I hope that clears things up. Please don't hesitate to contact me with comments and criticisms about UrbanTurf. And of course we're very open to tips, article ideas, leads, and any other tidbits that might interest our readers.

Thank you for taking notice,