Tuesday, November 4, 2008

kwame brown—where's the action?

just a quick question for kwame brown as he most likely cruises to an easy reelection today. back in june, you were here in bloomingdale to discuss things you could do to help our neighborhood. one thing that was brought up was how the house (pictured here) at 1727 1st street nw is boarded up, crumbling, a nuisance property, and owned by an absentee landlord from bethesda. you said you'd get that house worked on, get something happening with it.

it's been almost 5 months, mr. brown, and still nothing is happening at the corner of randolph and 1st streets. i know you don't need to come back to us for 4 years to ask for our vote, but it would be nice to fill this promise to the bloomingdale community before then.


Anonymous said...

I reported this property to various agencies of the District government over the course of about a year. I made phone calls, sent emails, and sent faxes.

I've even called the owner, Todd Luber, at (301) 986-0366. There was no answer, but I left a polite message explaining that I live near his vacant property and that I would appreciate some insight into his plans for the property. He didn't return my call.

As of today, that property is still being taxed at the owner-occupied rate. (Class 1 "Residential")

The owner, Todd Luber, (7835 Hampden Ln, Bethesda, MD 20814-1152) appears to have corrupt connections within the DC government. Otherwise, he would be paying the tax rate for vacant properties, at a minimum.

Mark - R St.

si said...

yet another slumbanker skating on the vacant property taxes. DC could make up a big chunk of that $131 million shortfall if they actually went after these taxes.

Anonymous said...

Didn't this blog say to vote for Kwame?

Please keep on pestering Kwame to take action -

IMGoph said...

anon: i did say that most dems in the city would probably give him their vote by default, so i recommended that they use their other vote for someone other than michael brown. guess no one listens to me for political advice!

hipchickindc said...

This property is now on the market as a foreclosure.

bamoll said...

Here is the Redfin link to the property. $469,900 - not too shabby, but maybe a tad high?


IMGoph said...

$470K, for a shell? this house won't be moving anytime soon at that price. the shell down the street at 1817 1st was listed over $500K and didn't move until it dropped more than half of that price. this one will have to fall below $300K before it goes anywhere, i'd wager.

bamoll said...

I agree - it's not quite 'priced to sell', but at least it's on the market... and we know the bank won't want to sit on it forever. Let's just hope someone with a little vision (and $) buys it.