Monday, May 28, 2007

black rainman

it was a non-traditional memorial day for me. i spent most of it inside studying up on arabic, but by the time i got outside, there was really no humidity. i think it was actually more humid inside the apartment (with the a/c on) than it was outside.

went to eat at matchbox. (first time there, it was nice....good pizza and a nice building they have there too. it's much bigger on the inside than on the outside.) then we went to go see once at e street. it's a great movie, starring glen hansard, the lead singer of the frames. it was so funny to see songs performed a few feet away from me on the screen that i'd see a couple weeks ago at coachella.

afterwards, we grabbed some ice cream next door at giffords. the roasted coconut is quite good, and the 72% chocolate is just what you'd think it is.

the best part of the evening, though, was what always happens when i'm downtown somewhere after dark. meeting a character. and this time it was black rainman. that's how the guy is marketing himself. if you run into him, he'll ask you to name (at least) 20 countries, and he'll give you the capital and some background information on the country. like rwanda ("one man dies, and the blood of a million are shed"). quite impressive, really. and he got the rest of our good pizza (and a little change as well)...


si said...

I constantly get stopped by that guy, he must spend much time at MLK. He calls me "my queen" and never asks for money from me. but he is usually soused.

Sean Hennessey said...

i met a guy like the near mlk prolly 7/8 years ago. i wonder if its the same.

he knew tons of trivia.