Thursday, May 3, 2007

restaurant at 1st and seaton

well, sorry for the lull here, but i was on vacation in california at coachella and joshua tree national park (also checked out big morongo canyon preserve on a tip from a joshua tree employee).

anyway, i was just downstairs pulling some of the weeds that are growing up around the place (and my roommate's motorcycle), and a guy came up to look in the window of the still-vacant space below our apartment. he introduced himself as a restaurateur from chicago who has just moved to nova, and he's looking for a space to open a restaurant in dc. he asked me if i'd like a nice restaurant downstairs, and said he was looking to open a quality establishment. he said his broker pointed him to the space downstairs.

i talked up bloomingdale for a minute or so, and told him it's a growing area. he said he was aware of the big bear. so, who knows, maybe something may be happening here soon.


Sean Hennessey said...

well... at the very least its good to hear that the brokers are out there pimping fo us.

Unknown said...

Man, it'd be great to have something in that space. It could serve as an anchor for the whole corner.

I'm in the Seaton just down the street from you at 2nd and RI. Glad to find your blog via Scott's email.

Stitt said...

A restaurant would be great there. ANYTHING would be great there actually!